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The HCA took responsibility for the regulation of social housing providers in England on 1 April 2012.

If you have a regulation enquiry please contact our Referrals & Regulatory Enquiries Team on 0300 1234 500 (option 2) or email

The scope of our regulatory activity applies to registered providers of social housing. As the Regulator we are responsible for maintaining the register of social housing providers, and for setting out the regulatory framework within which they must operate. The Regulatory Framework includes both the regulatory standards which providers must meet, and the way in which the Regulator carries out its functions.

The focus of our activity is on governance, financial viability and value for money as the basis for robust economic regulation; maintaining lender confidence and protecting taxpayers.

While we set consumer standards, the primary responsibility for resolving issues with these is between landlords and their tenants at a local level. We will only intervene in cases of serious detriment that have caused, or are likely to cause, harm.

Our regulatory responsibilities are discharged through a new independent Regulation Committee, and within the parameters of the new Regulatory Framework.

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