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Land and regeneration : All documents

Housing Minister sees progress on 1300 home scheme

31 March 2014  Article

Housing Minister Kris Hopkins visited the Navigation Point Development in Castleford last week to see how a stalled site had been restarted thanks to a loan through the Get...

Best practice and guidance

9 July 2013  Webpage

Sharing our expertise and experience through best practice and guidance is a key part of our enabling role, and we have published or worked with our partners on a number of...

New road for more homes at Severalls Hospital in Essex

30 May 2013  News

Essex County Council (ECC) has agreed to award the contract for constructing the Colchester Northern Approach Road phase 3 (the NAR3) to Bam Nuttall Ltd.  The new road...

Unlocking the potential of public land

26 March 2013  Article

The public sector owns an estimated 40% of larger sites suitable for development, and in a time when the country needs to build more homes, the Government has set the ambitious...

Wokingham LIF

OneOneOneOneOne 12 March 2013  Case Study

Nearly £25m of vital infrastructure investment is accelerating the creation of hundreds of new jobs and the building of around 2,500 new homes in Wokingham,...

Biennial conservation report on the government historic estate

4 May 2012  Synopsis

This report has been produced by the English Heritage hosted Government Historic Estates Unit (GHEU). It provides information about twenty-six individual departments...

Historic English Partnerships Standards (2007)

3 February 2012  Synopsis

These core common standards provided a level playing field, enabling potential partners to plan ahead and adapt policies, products and practices to achieve the quality...

Corby - Ambitious plans for growth

4 October 2011  Case Study

This case study is part of Place Spotlight, which supports local areas in successful place making by taking each of the each of the eight components of great places and...

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