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Wokingham LIF

OneOneOneOneOne 12 March 2013  Case Study

Nearly £25m of vital infrastructure investment is accelerating the creation of hundreds of new jobs and the building of around 2,500 new homes in Wokingham,...

Can we tackle empty homes through social media?

8 March 2013  Article

We spoke to Aisling McCourt, Engagement and Partnerships Manager for the Greater Manchester Empty Homes Knowledge Transfer Partnership, about that very...

Priorities for the Agency: Five minutes with Richard Hill

4 February 2013  Article

We spoke to Richard Hill, interim CEO of the HCA, about its priorities as we approach the end of the 2012-13 financial year. Richard will be leading the Agency until the...

HCA hosts Custom Build workshop in Middlesbrough

1 February 2013  Article

The North East, Yorkshire and The Humber Operating Area held a workshop for people interested in Custom Build at the new Fabrick offices at Middlehaven in Middlesbrough on 29...

Rural housing in the East and South East

25 September 2012  Article

As Rural Housing Week gets under way this week, we found out from Becky Ashley, HCA Strategy Manager, how we’re prioritising this in East and South East...

Surrey ALD site up for development

6 September 2012  Article

Part of the former Milford hospital site near Godalming is set to receive a new lease of life as the search for a development partner gets under way. The Homes and Communities...

Empty homes a priority for the HCA North West

17 July 2012  Article

Deborah McLaughlin, the Homes and Communities Agency's Executive Director for the North West, explains her team's priorities over the next three...

The Croppings, Lightmoor Urban Village, Telford

10 May 2012  Synopsis

The Delivery Partner Panel offers Local Authorities and Registered Providers a one-stop-shop for development and construction related works and services. By using the panel,...

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