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Quality Counts

Quality Counts summarises the main findings of a series of Quality Assurance and Impact Visits carried out by the HCA for homes delivered under the Agency’s National Affordable Housing Programme (NAHP) 2008-11, across 520 schemes nationwide.

Topic: Design and sustainability

Keywords: Affordable housing, Architecture and design

Date Published: 15 December 2011

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Document type: Adobe PDF file

Size: 510.32 KB

Resource Type: Report

Author/Publisher: Homes and Communities Agency


The Quality Assurance and Impact Visits complement the Agency’s compliance activity, providing a valuable understanding of what residents really want from their homes.

Findings from the Quality Assurance and Impact Visits will be used to inform the Agency’s approach to delivering the new Affordable Homes programme, helping to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of homes funded by the HCA.


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