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Our publications are available to download. The publications library will be built up and will include corporate documents, research reports and newsletters. Other publications are available on our page on best practice and guidance.


Urban Design Lessons
Housing Layout and Neighbourhood Quality

Lessons learnt from 100 design proposals and financial data submitted for the DPP2 panel procurement. The report shows that good urban design does not have to cost more and can have many benefits. Key urban design principles are illustrated by layout examples, demonstrating good practice and areas for consideration.

Urban Design Lessons

Quality Counts 2013-14

Each year the HCA undertakes a resident and partner survey to obtain feedback on the quality and design aspects of homes funded under the Affordable Homes Programme. This report summarises the 2013-14 results based on visits to 89 schemes and interviews with over 195 residents. 

Quality Counts 2013-14

Corporate Plan 2014-18

The Corporate Plan is focused on the remaining year of the current spending period (2014 to 2015), and sets out the ways in which the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) will contribute to government aspirations for housing and economic growth. It also looks ahead to the roles that the HCA will play during the next spending period, from 2015 to 2018, and how it will work with partners to meet local priorities.

Corporate Plan 2014-18

Quality counts 2012-13

Quality Counts 2012-13

Each year the HCA undertakes a resident and partner survey to obtain feedback on the quality and design aspects of homes funded under the Affordable Homes Programme. This report summarises the 2012-13 results based on visits to 99 schemes and interviews with over 200 residents.

 Quality Counts -  PDF (1.2MB)

The Additionality Guide

This Guide enables practitioners to study the concept of 'additionality'. That is, the extent to which something happens as a result of an intervention that would not have occurred in its absence. This an integral component in public sector economic appraisal, not just in the field of regeneration and housing, but across government and wider afield.

The Additionality Guide -  PDF (1.1MB)

 Quality Counts

Quality Counts 11-12

Quality Counts summarises the main findings of a series of Quality Assurance and Impact Visits carried out by the HCA for homes delivered under the Agency’s Affordable Homes Programme 2011-12, across 120 schemes nationwide.

 Quality Counts -  PDF (523KB)

 D&S Cover

Design and Sustainability Business Plan

We aim to embed high quality design and sustainability in what we and our partners do, to improve the quality, environment and homes of people and their communities. To do this, the Business Plan for the Design and Sustainability team outlines the team’s core objectives to enable the Agency to meet its statutory objective within the Housing Regeneration Act 2008.

Design and Sustainability Business Plan 2013-15 - PDF (523KB)


HCA Corporate Plan 2013-15

This Corporate Plan is focussed on the remaining years of the spending review (2013-2015). The HCA’s activity in future years will depend in part of decisions made as part of the 2015/16 Spending Round, including the response to the Heseltine review and the introduction of the single local growth fund from 2015. For this reason, the outcome of these and their implications to the HCA will be covered in next year’s Corporate Plan or, if appropriate, through an addendum to this plan published later in the year.

HCA Corporate Plan 2013-15 - PDF (367KB)

Design and sustainability business plan 2012/13

The HCA aims to deliver housing in line with government objectives, creating good quality homes and communities where people want to live, work and enjoy. In order to do this, we are committed to achieving good design and sustainable development – a statutory objective set out in the 2008 Housing and Regeneration Act.

Design and sustainability business plan 2012/13 - PDF (557KB)

Dealing Green: Options for Registered Providers

The Green Deal aims to make 14m homes more energy efficient by 2020, driving down energy bills, reducing CO2 and creating as many as 250,000 jobs. As part of our enabling role this guide, produced with Sustainable Homes is designed to help Registered Providers ask the right questions and make the right decisions about getting involved in the Green Deal.

Dealing Green: Options for Registered Providers - PDF (2.6KB)

HCA Corporate Plan 2012-15

Our Corporate Plan for 2012-15 sets out how we are contributing to economic growth by helping communities realise their aspirations for prosperity, and deliver quality homes that people can afford. Also, for the first time, the report sets out our how our new regulatory role will work to ensure the social housing sector is financially viable, well-managed and delivers value for money.

HCA Corporate Plan 2012-15 - PDF (547KB)

Quality Counts 08-11

Quality Counts summarises the main findings of a series of Quality Assurance and Impact Visits carried out by the HCA for homes delivered under the Agency’s National Affordable Housing Programme 2008-11, across 520 schemes nationwide.

Quality Counts - PDF (512KB)

Vulnerable and Older People Advisory Group Annual Report 2010

The first annual report of the Vulnerable and Older People Advisory Group sets out a wide range of achievements and also sets out key challenges and recommendations for the future.

Vulnerable and Older People Advisory Group Annual Report 2010 - PDF (1.4MB)


Financial Benefits of Investing in Specialist Housing

Analysis of nine vulnerable client groups estimates the net benefit of HCA investment in specialist housing for vulnerable and older people to be around £940 per person per year, equating to a total net benefit of around £640m per year. The figures contained in the report are based on an assessment of reduced involvement in crime, or reliance on health care and other social services, minus the additional cost of specialist provision over and above general needs housing.  

Financial Benefits of Investing in Specialist Housing - PDF (368KB)


Employment densities guide

This updated guide provides advice to practitioners involved in regeneration and economic development projects on employment densities associated with different types of property use. The guide is the recognised industry-wide point of reference for projected job creation and is used by local authorities, developers and surveyors, to name a few. The updated guide includes more up to date information about how many jobs you can expect to accommodate in modern properties of different types, from industrial units to commercial offices.

Employment densities guide - PDF (446 KB)

Enabling Growth – ATLAS Annual Review 2009/10

The ATLAS team provides a free, independent advisory service to help secure the timely delivery of high-quality sustainable development.

Enabling Growth - PDF (816KB)

For further information visit the ATLAS website.






Monitoring guide for carbon emissions, energy and water use

Further to the Housing Minister’s announcement in June, the Government has committed to the target for all new housing developments to become zero carbon by 2016. The Carbon Challenge programme will contribute to this goal and is being delivered by the HCA and the housebuilding industry prior to 2016 legislation. This report explains the monitoring framework and demonstrates the toolkit for carrying out monitoring and evaluation of occupant behaviour as opposed to relying solely on predictions from design models and estimations to ensure lessons learnt are available.

The guide (PDF - 2.1Mb)

Appendices (PDF - 1.5Mb)


Total Capital

The HCA has been working with local authorities and other public agencies to develop the concept and test the potential benefit of a Total Capital approach to investment in places through five case studies. This report summarises the benefits and barriers identified, and suggests solutions and possible changes that may be necessary to make a Total Capital approach effective.

Total Capital PDF (97KB)


Investment and planning obligations: responding to the downturn

This document sets out the approach the HCA will take to help local authorities meet immediate housing need and ensure that when the upturn begins, a recovering market is not hampered by a proliferation of lapsed consents, or delays due to a glut of re-applications.

Investment and planning (PDF 730KB)

Design for Manufacture Lessons Learnt 2

Design for Manufacture Lessons Learnt 2 shows how affordable, sustainable and high quality housing can best be achieved throughout England..

Design for Manufacture Lessons Learnt 2 (PDF, 4.5MB)


Meeting the challenge: market analysis

This report outlines current conditions in the housing market and development industry. It sets the context within which the Housing Finance Group is considering opportunities for the future funding and supply of housing.

Meeting the challenge PDF (729 KB)


Public Land Initiative

PLI offers a new deal for developers in house building. Under this £53m scheme, Government provides the public land but takes out the upfront costs and risks involved in site purchase and preparation.

Public Land Initiative PDF (251KB)

HAPPI report

The Housing our Ageing Population Panel for Innovation (HAPPI) has gathered good practice from across Europe and put together new and creative proposals to help put us at the forefront of housing for older people.

More details and download the report


Delivery Partner Panel

The HCA is procuring a delivery partner panel which will act as a ‘one-stop-shop’, to enable procurement of development management services, physical development and construction. .

Delivery Partner Panel PDF (131KB)


First Time Buyers’ Initiative

The First Time Buyers’ Initiative (FTBI) aims to make more affordable homes available to first-time buyers priced out of the housing market. 

First Time Buyers' Initiative - PDF (330KB)


HomeBuy Direct Buyers' Guide

HomeBuy Direct is a shared-equity home ownership scheme that helps first-time buyers and key workers get their first foot on the housing ladder.

HomeBuy Direct Guide - PDF (211KB)


Affordable Housing Survey

This report details the findings of a comprehensive audit of affordable housing, carried out by CABE on behalf of the then Housing Corporation.

Affordable Housing Survey - PDF (2.23 MB)

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