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Traveller Pitch Funding

As a group, travellers remain one of the most disadvantaged in the country, experiencing deep inequalities with very poor outcomes in health and education in particular. Authorised travellers’ sites can provide the basis for local authorities to tackle the inequalities experienced by travellers. Increased authorised provision will reduce the number of unauthorised sites and the tensions they can create between travellers and the settled community and reduce the need for costly enforcement action. 

The HCA took over delivery of the Gypsy and Traveller Sites Grant programme from DCLG in April 2009. Through that programme we’ve invested £16.3m in 26 schemes across the country providing 88 new or additional pitches and 179 improved pitches.

We are now in the process of delivering up to £60m Traveller Pitch Funding as part of our Affordable Homes Programme, to support local authorities, housing associations and other delivery partners to provide good quality public sites to help meet the need for accommodation for these communities.

In January 2012 the HCA announced confirmed allocations for £47m of this funding to support 71 projects across the country, for the provision of new traveller sites and new pitches on existing sites, as well as the improvement of existing pitches.

The HCA wrote to providers on the 20 December 2012 to allocate the remaining funding under the Traveller Pitch Funding Programme.

A list of the current allocations is below:

Further funding may become available as a result of slippage over the course of the programme. Providers interested in developing traveller provision are advised to contact their local HCA area office to discuss their proposals.

Guidance on how to bid for this funding is in the Traveller Pitch Funding continuous market engagement (CME) bidding guidance. Bidders should note that this guidance has been amended to include a revision to the Design and Standards section on page 3 and replaces any previous versions. Further information on the programme is available at annex 1 of the 2011-15 Affordable Homes Programme Framework document.

Please note, this funding is for England outside of London only. Providers wishing to bid for funding to deliver traveller pitches in Greater London should contact the Greater London Authority to discuss their proposals.

Framework Delivery Agreement

We have published the standard form of Traveller Pitch Funding 2011-15 Framework Delivery Agreement which will form the basis of contractual agreements between the HCA and Provider(s).

Green Belt

Further to the written Ministerial statement by Local Government Minister Brandon Lewis published on 7 January 2014 and in line with the new AHP 15-18 Prospectus published on 27 January 2014, we do not expect to receive new Traveller Pitch Funding bids to develop sites on Green Belt land or other land with special environmental protections.   Please refer to DCLG’s Planning Policy for traveller sites for more information.  Any Traveller Pitch Funding allocations that have already been agreed with the HCA will not be affected.

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