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Terms of use

  1. These terms govern the use of the online services from time to time made available by Homes and Communities Agency to Registered Providers of social housing (including former Registered Social Landlords), local authorities and bodies other than Registered Providers of social housing through its Housingcorp-online facilities.
  2. In these terms:
  • “the Customer” means the Registered Providers of social housing, local authority or body other than Registered Providers of social housing using the Services pursuant to the Application
  • “the Administrator” means the individual named as the Homes and Communities Agency Investment Management System. Administrator in the Application and includes any individual for the time being appointed by the Customer to hold that position
  • “the Services” means the services and facilities from time to time announced by the Agency as available through its Investment Management System online facilities
  • “the Users” means in relation to a Customer the individuals for the time being granted access to the Services by the Administrator.
  1. The Customer will obtain and install such computer software as the Agency from time to time specifies as being required for obtaining access to the Services, and will comply with the terms applicable to the use of that software.
  2. The Customer will install the digital certificate supplied by the Agency on such number of computer workstations as may be agreed from time to time, but on no more workstations than is so agreed.  The Customer acknowledges that the purpose of this limitation is to enable the Agency to limit the number of concurrent users of the Services, and will ensure that neither the Administrator nor any User attempts to gain access to the Services from any workstation on which a digital certificate has not been installed.
  3. The Customer hereby authorises the Administrator to establish access to the Services for the Users, and agrees that use of the Services by the Users will be binding on the Customer.  The Customer will not authorise the Administrator to establish access to the Services for the Administrator in the capacity of a User except in the case where the digital certificate issued by the Agency is limited to use on a single computer workstation.
  4. Data supplied by the Customer to the Agency through the use of the Services will be treated as supplied at the end of the session in which it is supplied, provided that this session has terminated without error.  The Customer will check the confirmation supplied by the Agency in relation to that data to ensure its consistency with the data and will report any inconsistency to the HCA without avoidable delay.
  5. In its use of the Services the Customer will comply with the Agency’s guidance issued from time to time as to good practice, use procedures, error reporting procedures and procedures for resolving difficulties or issues arising from the use of the Services , and will ensure that the Administrator and Users comply with that guidance.  Without limiting the generality of those requirements, the Customer will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that security information required for enabling a User to gain access to the Services is not disclosed to anyone other than that User, and that no attempt is made by any User to gain access through the Services to information which does not relate to the Customer.
  6. Where the HCA has reason to believe that the Customer, the Administrator or any User is failing to comply with its obligations in relation to the Services:

(a) the HCA may suspend the Customer’s access to the Services in whole or in part, and (whether or not the Agency suspends the Customer’s access to the Services)

(b) the Customer will, if the Agency so requires, allow representatives of the Agency to carry out a review of the procedures of the Customer, the Administrator and the Users in relation to the Services by providing such information and explanations as the Agency or its representatives reasonably require for the purpose of identifying the circumstances of any non-compliance and by allowing such representatives to attend at the relevant premises of the Customer and to interview the  Administrator and the Users, who are required to co-operate with any such interview,

The Agency will not restore the Customer’s access to the Services unless and until the Agency is satisfied that the Customer has taken adequate measures to remedy any non-compliance and avoid its recurrence.

  1. The Agency will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Services are available on the days and at the times announced in relation to them.  Where the unavailability of the Services through a failure on the part of the Agency prevents the Customer from providing the Agency with data required to be provided by a specified time, the Agency will extend that time by a reasonable period.  The Agency will not be liable to provide any other remedy for the unavailability of any of the Services.
  2. The Agency may vary the Services from time to time and may cease to provide the Services at any time, but will endeavour to give reasonable notice of any variation or cessation.  The Agency may vary these terms from time to time by not less than one month’s notice in writing to the Customer.
  3. These terms are governed by English law.


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