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Research & best practice

The HCA is committed to ensuring that our strategies, programmes and product development are informed by strong research and evidence.  We place a premium on insight and intelligence to ensure that our activity meets the needs of the places and communities where we work, and that our decisions about where and how to intervene are underpinned by sound analysis.  We are also committed to sharing our findings with our partners, and developing best practice and guidance documents based on these findings. We also publish regular information and analysis such as our monthly housing market bulletin.

Our research function delivers:

  • A strong evidence base for strategy and programme development
  • New thinking to support innovation and enable the agency to respond to new challenges
  • Methods for monitoring and evaluating the impact that the Agency has on people and places.

Research strategy

Our research and analysis strategy will meet the following objectives:

  • Supporting delivery nationally and locally: data analysis and spatial intelligence about markets, housing needs and demand will inform our delivery at the local level, and ensure that we develop effective strategies to achieve our national targets
  • Providing the voice of delivery in government and responding to emerging policy priorities: we will ensure that Government policy is informed by insights from our work with local and regional partners and our experiences of the challenges involved in delivering housing and regeneration programmes
  • Preparing for the future: we take a long-term view of the impact of our investments and interventions and will carry out ongoing analysis of the demographic, social, economic and environmental factors that will impact on the demand for housing, the way in which people live in communities, environmental sustainability and the economic context in which housing is delivered.  

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