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Regulation of small providers

While our standards apply to Registered Providers regardless of size, the focus of our activity is on larger, more complex organisations that own and/or manage more than 1,000 homes. As a result, smaller Providers should expect to have less regulatory engagement. In general however, our regulatory engagement will always include a review of:

  • Annual accounts audited or reviewed by an independent accountant, if appropriate
  • Auditor's management letter (not required if accounts are independently reviewed)
  • A shortened regulatory return

Where we have received evidence that a small association is not meeting the regulatory standards, in the interest of transparency, we publish a regulatory notice (see table below).

 Registered provider  Date
 Quadrant-Brownwood Tenant Cooperative Limited  28/05/2014
  Assettrust Housing Association Ltd  10/09/2014

You can contact us by email on or you can phone 0300 1234 500 (option 2) and speak to our Referrals & Regulatory Enquiries Team.

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