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The Government's Plan for Growth aims to promote strong, sustainable and balanced growth in every part of the country, with details set out in the followingg key publications:

Local economic growth is being driven by the business-led Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and access to the £2.4bn Regional Growth Fund (RGF) to support projects over the next three years. 24 Enterprise Zones have been confirmed, designed to remove the barriers to growth and investment through a range of incentives plus the £770m Growing Places Fund, which has been created to provide infrastructure in support of growth and housing.

We are working with LEPs that identify housing, land and regeneration as growth priorities and is:

  • Supporting local partners bidding for the Regional Growth Fund.
  • Supporting local partners in delivering Enterprise Zones, including at least 10 areas where the Agency is a landowner.
  • Advising local partners on the use of revolving investment funds to maximise benefits from Growing Places Fund investment.
  • Working with Core Cities on the housing and regeneration aspects of their City Deals.

Our investment and our enabling of housing supply and regeneration projects supports growth at the local level. As part of the four year Spending Review (2011-2015), the HCA was given access to government funding of £1.3bn to meet our existing property and regeneration commitments, as well as taking responsibility for the assets transferring to the HCA from the former Regional Development Agencies. These assets form the Economic Assets Programme.

We are continuing our role of supporting and accelerating the physical regeneration of under performing cities, towns and neighbourhoods, including rural communities and smaller community-led regeneration projects. Our property and regeneration programme supports a range of regeneration projects, many on HCA land, where we are already bringing a mixture of solutions to address physical and economic decline including funding the remediation of land and working with local partners to help bring new opportunities, new homes, new jobs and ultimately create better places.

In addition to the major impact delivered for people through long-standing initiatives such as the coalfields projects, work is is underway on major economic regeneration, and estate and town centre renewal projects across England such as:

  • Avenue Coking Works, Derbyshire
  • Byker Estate, Newcastle
  • North Shore, Stockton-on-Tees
  • Lawley, Telford

While the focus of the HCA’s regeneration activity is undertaken through the existing commitments under our property and regenerations programme, support is also given through our Economic Assets Programme, funding for affordable homes and through the Decent Homes Backlog Programme. 

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