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Publications and data

English Partnerships, a predecessor organisation to the HCA, published a range of brownfield regeneration guides for those involved with brownfield regeneration:

  • The Brownfield Guide - a best practice approach to brownfield redevelopment
  • Contamination and Dereliction Remediation Costs (Best Practice Note 27) - guidance on assessing the costs of preparing for redevelopment of sites affected by contamination or dereliction and on pre-acquisition site investigations, as part of ‘due diligence’

National Land Use Database

We manage the National Land Use Database of Previously Developed Land (NLUD-PDL) on behalf of government. The aim of the database is to provide a consistent, comprehensive, and up to date record of all previously developed land and buildings in England that may be available for development, whether vacant, derelict, or still in productive use.

Results and statistical analysis using the information contained within the database are available annually. NLUD-PDL classifies brownfield land into five main types:

  • Previously developed land, now vacant
  • Vacant buildings
  • Derelict land and buildings
  • Previously developed land or buildings currently in use and allocated in local plan or with planning permission
  • Previously developed land or buildings currently in use with redevelopment potential, but no planning allocation or permission

Statistical releases for national and regional trends in previously developed land are compiled from information on individual sites supplied by local authorities across England.  Data is provided for each land type but we do not supply any specific information on sites currently in use with known potential for redevelopment, but no planning permission or allocation in a local plan.

Previously-developed land report

A report of previously-developed land that may be available for redevelopment presents a statistical summary of survey results of both the supply of vacant and derelict sites and in use sites that may be available for redevelopment from 2009. The report also looks at a range of measurements concerning the potential reuse of PDL, including housing, across England as identified by local authorities.

Summary tables, site level data and NLUD-PDL survey data from 2001 to 2008 are available to download from the results page of the archived NLUD website.

For further results or information regarding statistics of previously-developed land please email:

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