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In the course of undertaking our regulatory activity, we will publish a number of documents. These include the Regulatory Framework, an annual review of the global accounts of housing associations, quarterly surveys of housing associations, and Regulatory Judgements. Current publications are listed here; older publications can be found in our Regulation publications archive.

The Regulatory Judgement sets out the Regulator’s view as to whether the provider is financially sound and properly governed. As part of our commitment to transparency, we have published the protocol which governs the relationship between our Regulation Committee and our main Board; our assessment of significant risks facing the sector; and, for the first time, operational guidance setting out further details on Regulating the Standards.

HCA Regulatory Judgements can be found on our Regulatory Judgements page. The Tenant Services Authority (TSA) also issued Regulatory Judgements and an archive of these is available on The National Archives' copy of the TSA website. In the absence of a HCA Regulatory Judgement for any individual provider on the HCA website, the TSA judgement in the National Archives remains as the regulator’s current assessment of compliance, unless noted here.

General publications:

Financial reviews:

We also publish a list of registrations to, and de-registrations from, the Register of Providers of Social Housing each month.

You can also find other archived TSA regulatory publications produced prior to 1st April 2012 on The National Archives' copy of the TSA website.

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