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Procurement Efficiency Initiative

There are 13 active Procurement Efficiency Initiative consortia operating throughout England.

They have a combined core membership of 191 social landlords which include housing associations, stock retaining local authorities and arm’s length management organisations. In addition an increasing number of other social landlords are using the consortia for one off services not covered by their own arrangements.

The original focus of the consortia was the Decent Homes Programme but the organisations have since broadened their scope to cover areas such as day-to-day repairs, training provision, planned maintenance, environmental retrofit, and new build frameworks.

Savings made

In 2012/13 the total efficiency savings reported from consortia rose by 21% in real terms to £415m. This represents 18% of the cumulative reported spend to date of £2,280m from the inception of the initiative.

The HCA’s role

The HCA has been working with the consortia to improve their sustainability through promoting social and community benefits through targeted local employment, skills training and capacity building initiatives, and by working in partnership with local/regional agencies and stakeholders.

Economic gains are also articulated showing improvements in supply chain management and engaging with SMEs. There has also been a focus on environmental stewardship by reducing the environmental impact of their procurement activities.

During the next year we will work with consortia to:
Continue to bring the organisations together on a quarterly basis to share best practice, identify common issues, and develop inter-consortia working.

  • Support consortia in providing mutual access to frameworks, where appropriate.
  • Provide support for benchmarking and inter-consortia comparison.
  • Help communicate the potential of strategic procurement.
  • Continue to keep consortia informed of developments in Government policy in particular with implementation of the Government Construction strategy.
  • Encourage and support thinking on how to respond to the green agenda and the potential for new build activity.

Examine the activity of other consortia outside of this initiative and explore potential for collaboration and dissemination of best practice.

Geographical spread of consortia

The current geographical distribution of the consortia is set out below:

PEI location map

Consortia websites

HCA currently works with the above partners and has provided external web links for information only. HCA accepts no liability resulting from the use of the providers listed.

It should be noted that other procurement consortia are also available.

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