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Piers Williamson

Piers Williamson

Piers Williamson was appointed chief executive of THFC in October 2002 and joined its board in 2003. He has 30 years of experience of the UK, US and European financial markets specialising in bank treasury risk management and securitisation.

He holds professional qualifications in both treasury and banking. In addition to his duties at THFC Piers completed a seven year spell as a non-executive director of a UK Clearing Bank in 2011, where he was latterly Chair of the Risk Management Committee.

Piers was also appointed a Non-Executive member of the Regulation Committee of the HCA in April 2012.

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Directorships of Companies

The Housing Finance Corporation Ltd (THFC)
THFC (Funding No.1) PLC
THFC (Funding No.2) PLC
THFC (Funding No.3) PLC
THFC (Funding) Holdings PLC
THFC (Indexed) Ltd
THFC (Indexed 2) Ltd
THFC (First Variable) Ltd
THFC (Services) Ltd
THFC (social housing Finance) Ltd
THFC (Capital) PLC
UK Rents (No.1) PLC
UK Rents (Holdings) Ltd
UK Rents Trustee Ltd

Affordable Housing Finance Plc 

Haven Funding PLC
Haven Funding (32) PLC
Haven Funding (Holdings) Ltd
Haven Funding (Holdings) (2) Ltd
Harbour Funding PLC
Harbour Funding (Holdings) Ltd
Sunderland SHG Finance PLC
Sunderland (SHG) Finance Holdings Ltd

Employment, remunerated profession or consultancy

Chief Executive – The Housing Finance Corporation Ltd

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Friend – Ealing Junior Music School



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