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Coalfields projects

The National Coalfields Programme (NCP) was established in 1996 to breathe new life into former coalfield communities across England following the widespread pit closures of the 1980s and 1990s. The Programme provides investment in former colliery sites, across England, through physical redevelopment and social initiatives, creating homes, jobs, open space and leisure facilities for coalfield communities.

In March 2011 the Government published its reponse to the Review of Coalfields Regeneration, led by former MP Michael Clapham.

Government accepted many of the review’s findings in its response – including the need for continued investment in former coalfield communities, with local authorities at the forefront, to help ensure that help is targeted where it is most needed.

Alongside this Government announced a further £30m of funding that will allow the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to continue its innovative projects and put more areas on a self-sustaining and locally led approach.

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