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National Affordable Housing Programme

The National Affordable Housing Programme (NAHP) is increasing the supply of affordable homes in England.

During 2008-11, the Homes and Communities Agency will invest £8.4bn in affordable housing through the NAHP. The programme’s Investment Partners will deliver 155,000 new homes and each year, a proportion of the homes built will be made available for low cost home ownership and social rent.

How the programme works

Before applying for funding, housing providers must first be awarded Investment Partner status through the pre-qualification process. There have been two pre-qualification rounds to date and 143 providers have received Investment Partner accreditation. We are now also accepting new applications for pre-qualification.

Housing providers that meet certain requirements are exempted from the pre-qualification process and can instead bid for funding through the Specialist Provision route. Specialist Provision criteria include providing homes in rural communities, black and minority ethnic housing provision, supported housing and environmental innovation.

Further information on both routes is available in the NAHP prospectus.

Bidding process

Investment Partners and organisations that meet Specialist Provision requirements can bid for funding through the Investment Management System.

The NAHP prospectus provides essential information for bidders, whether applying through the Investment Partner or Specialist Provision route.

Capital Funding Guide

The Affordable Housing Capital Funding Guide contains the rules and procedures for housing associations that have received capital grants/allocations from the HCA.

Feed In Tariff

The Homes and Communities Agency has issued a statement to its Investment Partners to explain how the Feed In Tariff relates to schemes that have received HCA funding. The statement has been developed in conjunction with the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Energy and Climate Change to clarify issues about State Aid rules on double public subsidy for Investment Partners. Under the Feed In Tariff scheme, individuals, organisations and businesses in England, Wales and Scotland are able to claim back cash for electricity they produce from eligible renewable and low carbon sources. The scheme provides a fixed payment for the electricity generated and pays for any unused electricity exported to the grid as well as for electricity generated and used on site.

Feed In Tariffs and HCA funding - PDF (41KB)

Shared Ownership: Joint Guidance

The Shared Ownership: Joint Guidance provides information for staff and professionals working in shared ownership on a range of issues.

The guidance draws together existing guidance from Corporation circulars and the Affordable Housing Capital Funding Guide, from the Council of Mortgage Lenders members' handbook, and good practice advice from the National Housing Federation.

Shared Ownership: Joint Guidance - PDF (352 KB)

Promoting mortgage access for affordable housing: Joint guidance

This joint good practice note issued by the HCA and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) shares the experience of both in working across a wide range of organisations including retail mortgage lenders, local authorities and providers in the delivery of affordable housing to customers. It offers advice on how to maximise the mortgageability of all types of affordable home ownership properties planned by local authorities to meet the needs of their local areas.

Promoting mortgage access for affordable housing - PDF (58 KB)

Section 106 Planning Agreements and LCHO Lending

This Guidance note has been prepared by the CML to help local authorities and housing associations understand the issues that arise for lenders when section 106 (s106) agreements or other planning controls are used that contain restrictive or variation clauses.

Section 106 Planning Agreements and LCHO lending - PDF (110 KB)

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