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The Housing Market Bulletin provides the latest information on the housing market, the economy and the housebuilding industry. The information is drawn from several different sources. It includes:

  • House price changes from the top house price indices including Nationwide, Halifax, the Land Registry and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • Housing market forecasts
  • Housing starts and completions as reported by the Department for Communities and Local Government and updates on key housebuilders
  • Mortgage trends and overall economy information

See also our operating area housing market reports.

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Housing Market Bulletin 2014

September 2014 - PDF (295KB)

August 2014 - PDF (274KB)

July 2014 - PDF (251KB)

June 2014 - PDF (261KB)

May 2014 - PDF (296KB)

April 2014 - PDF (230KB)

March 2014 - PDF (235KB)

February 2014 - PDF (283KB)

January 2014 - PDF (395KB)


Housing Market Bulletin 2013

November 2013 - PDF (279KB)

October 2013 - PDF (389KB)

September 2013 - PDF (261KB)

August 2013 - PDF (276KB)

July 2013 - PDF (246KB)

June 2013 - PDF (271KB)

May 2013 - PDF (266KB)

April 2013 - PDF (245KB)

March 2013 - PDF (284KB)

February 2013 - PDF (369KB)

January 2013 - PDF (166KB)

See our housing market bulletin archive for older copies of the bulletin.

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