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We continue to deliver our Kickstart commitments from the previous Housing Stimulus Programme. Kickstart is credited with providing invaluable support to the housebuilding industry through the worst of the market downturn. Once complete, the programme will have delivered 20,000 homes on 299 stalled developments, more than half of which will have been for affordable rent or sale through HomeBuy Direct.

Visit the Housing Stimulus Programme page on our archived website for detailed information on the Kickstart funding allocations and the lessons we learned from the first round of the programme.

Legal agreements

For organisations delivering affordable homes through the Kickstart Programme, the following draft legal agreements might be of use:

NAHP Agreement - PDF (670 KB)
Deed of Variation - PDF (157 KB) in relation to the NAHP Agreement
Housing Gap Funding Agreement - Word (655 KB) (Updated 6 April 2010)
HomeBuy Direct Agreement - Word (1.3 MB) (Updated 13 April 2010)
Deed of Variation - Word (1.6 MB) (Updated 9 April 2010)
Facility Agreement - Loan - Word (685 KB) (Updated 6 April 2010)
Facility Agreement - Equity - Word (768 KB) (Updated 6 April 2010)
Intercreditor Deed - Word (260 KB) (Updated 6 April 2010)
Fixed Charge over Land - Word (188 KB)
Grant funding claim form - Word (101 KB)

Additional information

Gap funding and Equity Claw Back worked example - Word (150 KB) (Updated 7 October 2009)
Projects seeking more information about HCA loans rates can download the Loan Interest Rates - PDF ( 26 KB)

Contact us

Any enquiries should be sent to the competition email address:

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