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Investment models

To help deliver our programme of activity, we use a number of investment models.  The aim of these models is to employ new and innovative ways of working to more quickly deliver homes, regeneration and growth, and to make more efficient use of public resources and assets.

Joint Ventures

The HCA is a partner in a number of ground breaking joint ventures which continue to deliver regeneration and growth in England.  These include Priority Sites, English Cities Fund, and Network Space.  More details are available on the Joint Ventures page.

Local Housing Companies

Local Housing Companies are public-private joint ventures that put local councils at the heart of house building and help house builders to share the risks of development.  They use council-owned land together with private sector investment and expertise to deliver new homes.  More information can be found on the Local Housing Companies page.

Private Rental Sector Initiative

Large scale institutional investment in private rental housing could provide a source of new funding for the housing sector and greater choice for consumers.   We launched our Private Rental Sector Initiative in mid-2009 and signed the first deal for new rented homes with Berkeley Group last year.  A number of institutional investors are continuing to look toward the creation of residential investment funds. More information can be found on the Private Rental Sector Initiative page. 

Housing PFI 

The private finance initiative is a procurement approach where central government provides financial support for long-term partnerships between the public and private sectors.  More information can be found on the Housing PFI page. 

New models

The HCA is also developing additional new models which will enable the Agency and its partners to deliver in the future.  Current work includes development of Local Asset Backed Vehicles, infrastructure funding solutions, and energy supply tools. 

In developing new models we work with partners in the public and private sectors and are very open to exploring new concepts and innovations which could contribute to our delivery.

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