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Who should I contact?

In the first instance contact your Local Investment Manager for support, advice and guidance. Then log all IMS issues and queries with the HCA Service Desk on 01908 353 604 or or via Lync.

To ensure all calls are dealt with fairly and that we adhere to our current procedures, only calls that have been logged with the Service Desk will be dealt with.

Questions about data or policy should be first directed to your key contacts at the relevant HCA office.

When logging a call with the HCA Service Desk, please ensure you provide the following information so we can answer your call effectively and efficiently:

  • Your name
  • Your contact telephone number including any extension numbers
  • Citrix number (8 digits) and HC Online user IDs you have been using eg HC000000 (Do not give out your passwords)
  • Organisation/Provider name and code eg L0000, NP0000, LH0000
  • If you are in a Partnership and using the ‘Jump Facility’, please provide the:
    • Name of Partnership that is processing the scheme
    • Name and code of the Developing Provider you have jumped into
  • Brief description of the problem experienced, including bid, offer, allocation, scheme or other reference numbers
  • Route you followed and screenshot of the problem eg When I follow the route Bids > Bidding System > Partnership > Select Project Year (2011) > Partnership > Select, I get the following screen with only two options, etc.
  • Name of HCA contact, if you have been speaking to one

Please note: The Service Desk is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. The second-line IMS user support is open between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.


Security guidance

Help to Buy Programme Management Tool

Full details on how to logon and use the system are provided in this guidance

2015-18 Guidance

2011-15 guidance


2008-11 guidance


Submitting bids in IMS

The following guides for Providers cover the submission of bids in the Investment Management System:


Claiming grant in IMS

The folllowing guide for Providers cover the claiming of grants in the Investment Management System:


IMS Workflow

IMS Workflow is a customisable feature which opens when you sign-in. It allows Providers and HCA staff to see information on approaching (and lapsed) scheme events relevant to them along with a list of potential actions for each event, which can then be accessed direct from the Workflow screen.


Forward Allocation Pool (FAP)

The Forward Allocation Pool facility has been introduced to enable providers and HCA regional investment teams to capture and track information in IMS on potential future schemes. Schemes entered via FAP can subsequently be transferred to become IMS Bids and can then be submitted as normal by the provider.


Other guides

Add to which folder?
Add to which folder?