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The HCA has a statutory duty to improve the supply and quality of housing in England. We create opportunity for people to live in homes that are affordable, good quality and in sustainable places by working with local authorities to help them achieve the housing ambitions they have for their areas.

Our housing remit includes delivery of existing National Affordable Housing Programme commitments and the new Affordable Homes Programme, which includes the Affordable Rent product, the Affordable Homes Guarantees ProgrammeLow Cost Home Ownership including the new FirstBuy product, Mortgage Rescue, Empty Homes, Homelessness Change, Traveller Pitch Funding and specialist or supported housing. The programme is focused on accelerating the delivery of affordable homes in England with a target of up to 150,000 additional homes by 2015.

We are also responsible for delivering our existing commitments from the previous Housing Stimulus Programme, including Kickstart and Local Authority New Build, which continue to help deliver new homes across the the country.

We are helping to accelerate the delivery of new homes through the Get Britain Building programme, getting stalled developments restarted through access to development finance. We are also administering the Local Infrastructure Fund, which provides investment for upfront infrastructure work which is holding back large housing developments or Enterprise Zone-led commercial projects.

We work with partners delivering rural housing and support greater innovation through sustainable development, both by funding homes that are well designed and have less impact on the environment and providing expertise on a range of issues that enable our partners to build homes that help communities thrive. 

While our main focus is on new homes, we also help to improve the condition of existing stock particularly through the Decent Homes programme and by supporting initiatives such as retrofitting.

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