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Homelessness Change

People who find themselves homeless, in particular rough sleepers, are some of the most marginalised people in our communities, and poor physical conditions in hostels and services that don't engage with or motivate people to address their needs often only serve to reinforce the cycle of homelessness.

We believe that all groups in society can significantly enrich the communities they live in, and everyone should be entitled to a home and a secure environment. We also recognise that very often homeless people are disadvantaged by much more than simply the lack of a roof and that many lack the skills or the opportunities to really raise themselves out of homelessness and social exclusion.

Our aim is to promote and support the delivery of homelessness services in such a way as they will truly help break the cycle of homelessness, by providing capital funding for high quality, welcoming accommodation linked to positive engagement activities and real opportunities to develop new skills through education and employment training that will help people make the transition to a more settled and fulfilling way of life.

In December 2008, the HCA took over delivery of the three year Places of Change Programme from DCLG, which provided £80m of capital funding for over 111 projects across England. These range from refurbishment of hostels and day centres to specific training initiatives and social enterprise schemes. See below for examples of some of the projects we have funded.

The Homelessness Change strand within our current Affordable Homes Programme aims to build on the success of Places of Change, and has a specific focus on developing new or refurbished hostel accommodation with an emphasis on the elimination of poor quality, unfit for purpose facilities.

Framework Delivery Agreements

We have published the standard form of Homelessness Change Programme 2012-15 Framework Delivery Agreement which will form the basis of contractual agreements between the HCA and Provider(s).


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