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Design and sustainability standards

Setting standards

The HCA position on land for disposal is set out in our Land and Disposal Strategy. The National Affordable Housing Programme continues to operate according to the Design and Quality Standards inherited from the Housing Corporation. For information specifically for Registered Providers refer to the Capital Funding Guide page where the compliance audit can be found.

Following the establishment of the HCA, and our inheritance of differing design standard requirements, in spring 2010, we consulted on a potential set of core future design and sustainability standards. In November 2010, the Housing Minister confirmed that the HCA would not progress these new standards, but would retain its existing ones for programmes directly funded by the HCA. Historic English Partnerships standards are available for reference.

Performance management

We apply the targets and performance management regimes associated with the legacy programmes at present. However, consistent with our place-based approach, we are developing performance targets relating to design quality and sustainable development, based on qualitative, value-led methods with a focus on outcomes.

As the housing and regeneration delivery agency for the Department for Communities and Local Government, we have adopted the department's Sustainable Operations Policy. We are also working towards the Greening Government Commitments (GGC) which relate to the environmental performance of the Government’s own estate. We report our performance against the GGC targets via DCLG every quarter and our sustainability performance is publicly reported each year via the HCA Annual Report.

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