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Data collection

The HCA collects all financial and statistical data from private registered providers through NROSH+. NROSH+ is a single web-based portal for providers to submit the regulatory returns and supporting documentation required to enable regulation of the economic standards.

Data returns are an important mechanism by which we monitor key financial risks and regulate the sector. It is essential that providers continue to supply accurate and timely data. Where the regulator has evidence that data returns do not meet the required quality standards, or are not submitted on time, it will challenge providers and may reflect its conclusions in its published governance judgements. For further information please see the HCA document Regulating the Standards (2014), available here.

To allow time for any issues to be queried within the data returns please submit returns as early as possible within the survey period. This will enable the HCA to check, query and sign off data before the survey deadline.

2014/15 Requirements

All providers, including those that own less than 1,000 units, are required to complete and submit a Statistical Data Return (SDR) to NROSH+. All larger providers that own more than 1,000 units will be required to submit the following regulatory returns to NROSH+: 

Data Returns


Statistical Data Return (SDR)

31 May 2014

Financial Forecast Return (FFR)

(with business plan and other supporting documentation).

30 June 2014 final deadline for all providers with 31 March financial year end.

Providers are encouraged to submit within 6 weeks of business plan sign off by the provider’s board where this is earlier than 30 June 2014.

Quarterly Survey (QS)

2 weeks after each quarter end, 3 weeks after quarter end for Quarter 4 Survey

(see also dates below)

Electronic Annual Accounts (FVA)

6 months after financial year end.

Regulatory Documents


Audited Accounts

Audit Management Letter

Fraud Report

6 months after financial year end.

Financial Forecast Return (FFR)

In a change to the deadline set in 2013/14, we are reverting to a standard deadline of 30th June for the submission of the FFR in 2014/15 for all providers with a March year end. Earlier submission is encouraged where possible. If this FFR submission deadline presents practical issues, please contact your lead financial regulator.

Quarterly Survey 2014/15 key dates

Quarter Opening Date Closing Date
Q1 20 June 2014 14 July 2014
Q2 19 September 2014 14 October 2014
Q3 19 December 2014 15 January 2015
Q4 20 March 2015 23 April 2015

Annual Accounts Submission

Providers must submit annual accounts and audit management letters within six months of their financial year end.

Using NROSH+

In order to use NROSH+ effectively, it is important providers:

  • Log into the NROSH+ system here
  • Update contact and organisational information logged in NROSH+, especially the contact details of the nominated primary user
  • Use the latest templates for each return to prepare and submit data
  • Use guidance and FAQs provided on the NROSH+ site
  • Submit data as early as possible within the survey period to allow for data to be checked
  • Contact the helpdesk with queries (details below)


NROSH+ requirements for 2014/15 were summarised in letters sent by email and hard copy to all providers’ Chief Executives on 10 March 2014.

We will update providers regarding the HCA data collection processes using the contact details logged in NROSH+.

If you have any queries, please refer to the helpdesk details on the NROSH+ website at


Statistical Data Return (SDR) Statistical Release and data are produced and released annually.

Other HCA regulation publications are available here.

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