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Bidding process

National Affordable Housing Programme (NAHP) partners can bid for funding at any time during the 2008-11 programme.

The NAHP Prospectus explains the funding that is available to Investment Partners and partners who qualify under the Specialist Provision route. It also contains information on how the bidding process works and the criteria that we use to assess bids. Partners submit bids for funding through the Investment Management System.

NAHP funding is allocated through a process of continuous market engagement. The bidding process is open for the duration of the 2008-11 NAHP, or until all funding has been allocated. This provides partners with ongoing access to investment for new development opportunities that arise during the course of the programme.

Bid assessment

Funding bids are assessed by HCA regional investment teams against four main criteria:

  • value – in terms of public subsidy per home and per person housed (assessed against regional efficiency targets)
  • quality – judged using our design and quality standards
  • deliverability – with particular concern for planning status
  • policy fit – taking into account national, regional and local strategies.

Successful bids

The HCA places great importance on good programme management. We expect organisations that receive NAHP funding to take responsibility for milestone delivery, provide appropriate and timely warning of any problems and maintain accurate forecast and delivery data using the Investment Management System.

NAHP funding is granted on the basis that the partner complies with the rules and procedures outlined in the Capital Funding Guide.

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