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Redevelopment of Holmeside Triangle moves a step closer in Sunderland

Published date : 6 June 2012

The Homes and Communities Agency,  as owners of the disused supermarket and multi-storey car park on Park Lane, Sunderland, has submitted an ‘application for prior notification of proposed demolition’ to Sunderland City Council in order to start work this summer on cleaning up the key site opposite the bus station.

The site, part of the 'Holmeside Triangle', was bought by English Partnerships, predecessor to the HCA in 2003, when it was identified as one of the regeneration priorities for the city. The HCA is continuing with the plans agreed with the council to create an opportunity for new development on the south of the city centre.

The supermarket, twin deck car park and associated buildings are no longer fit for modern use and need to be demolished to provide a development opportunity that will help attract investment into the city centre, to complement the HCA’s significant investment to date in support of regeneration initiatives across the city.

The demolition work, that is expected to start later in the year, is part of a wider 40 week timetable that includes site preparation before the demolition work can start. In order to not only minimise vehicle movements to and from the site but also to reduce the impact on the environment, the concrete rubble created in the demolition will be crushed on site and reused to prepare the site for future development. This will mean 750 fewer truck movements through the city so will not only be less disruptive but also reduce Co2 emissions  by approximately 120,000 kg.

In order to minimise the impact on local residents and businesses there are no road closures planned as a part of the demolition, and in order to prevent disruption to rail and metro services, the demolition work alongside the railway will take place over some weekends.

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