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Empty Homes Toolkit

Case studies

Each case study used in this toolkit illustrates real-life practical application of a variety of approaches used by local authorities, community and voluntary groups and charities to bring empty homes back into use.   

You can search below to find examples of work which demonstrates current, emerging and innovative practice supporting places and people in maximising the use of empty properties.

The Canopy Housing Project Canopy brings together volunteers from the local community and gives them skills, increases their confidence, breaks down barriers and makes improvements to local neighbourhoods.

The Empty Homes Working Group - Newcastle City Council
The Empty Homes Working Group - Newcastle City Council    Newcastle City Council have reduced the number of empty homes by 20% through better coordination of existing services and improving internal communication.
Lincolnshire Empty Homes Project In partnerhsip with six District Councils, the Linconshire Empty Homes Project works in the rural areas across Linconshire to tackle the empty homes issue.
Knowsley's Empty Homes Strategy Knowsley’s Sustainable Community Strategy sets out the vision that by 2023 the borough will provide attractive, sustainable neighbourhoods with a wide choice of housing and excellent community facilities.
Empty Homes to Happy Homes Coast and Country Housing's innovative project is bringing Teesside’s empty homes back into use - and helping the unemployed residents to learn new skills for employment.
Bolton: A coordinated approach to managing empty homes Bolton Council recognised the need to transform their methods in order to reduce the increasing number of empty properties within the borough and maximise the impact on the housing register.
Milton Keynes With a small generic housing team, the 1,790 empty properties in the town presented both a challenge and an opportunity for Milton Keynes Council.
Warwick District Council In less than nine months Warwick District Council developed and implemented a proactive, owner centred approach to bringing 21 empty homes back into use.
Bolsover and Mansfield District Councils Mansfield and Bolsover District Councils already have a strong track record of working collaboratively on a successful housing regeneration project and it was agreed to strengthen this further through an empty homes pilot scheme.
Corby and East Northamptonshire Working together, Corby and East Northamptonshire Councils have developed a proactive approach to supporting empty home owners, working with them through negotiation to bring their empty properties back into use.
Housing Action Housing Action, working alongside private sector landlords, operates a thriving ‘Guaranteed voidless letting scheme’, bringing empty homes back into use for some of the most vulnerable people in Suffolk and Norfolk.
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council The empty homes work undertaken by Doncaster Council consisted of a series of substantial activities ranging from research and partnership working through the Neighbourhood Hit Squad and landlords’ forum, and from enforcement to individual property intervention projects.
Harrogate Youthbuild Harrogate Youthbuild is an innovative approach to addressing youth unemployment through skills development and providing affordable housing for young people in an affluent area.
No Use Empty No Use Empty works to bring unused, privately owned properties back into use as affordable dwellings in Kent.
Durham: a new council; a fresh approach Durham County Council is a relatively new Council. The strategic approach to empty homes had been lacking so the priority was to build a new team and agree a strategy to tackle the 6000 empty homes that fell under the team’s responsibility.
Luton: prioritising empty homes Due to unavoidable staffing issues, Luton Council lacked a dedicated staff resource to work on empty homes for over a year.  An associate from the Empty Homes charity joined the team on a temporary basis to build capacity, develop accurate databases and provide a dedicated resource on empty homes.
South Northamptonshire     South Northamptonshire has focused on establishing the foundations for their empty homes work, including proactively contacting owners, and developing and putting in place processes, procedures and systems.
Stoke-on-Trent: Innovative Methods to Unlock Empty Homes Stoke-on-Trent Council recgonised the need to strengthen the capacity of the team to deliver the empty homes strategy.  Due to the reducing void figure for social housing and a lack of new build properties it was a prime time to think differently and find new and innovative methods to bring properties back into use

Bristol Empty HomesWorking in Partnership


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Empty Homes Toolkit

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