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Empty Homes Toolkit


There are enough empty properties in England to provide hundreds of thousands of people with a home. Most people agree that on an individual, local or national level, it makes sense to bring empty homes into use. But the obstacles to getting empty homes actually re-occupied tend to be practical ones. In most cases, the problems will have been encountered and overcome before. So this toolkit aims to pull together the skills and experience of a large range of people and organisations experienced in bringing empty homes back into use.

Hear former Housing Minister Grant Shapps explain how this toolkit can help to solve the 'empty homes scandal': 

The toolkit is designed to be useful for a wide range of audiences - from property owners, and concerned neighbours, to council officers and local councillors, who have a front-line role in helping and enabling their communities tackle many of the challenges posed by empty properties. It provides advice and information on all the important aspects of returning an empty home into use.  From each page there are links to further pages providing additional information. You may not find everything you need here,  it is intended to be a detailed overview of the subject. But should you need more, there are numerous links to external websites and publications where you can go to find more detailed information.    

The toolkit aims to answer questions that are frequently asked such as: 

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Empty Homes Toolkit

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