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Delivery Partner Panel 2 (DPP2) is a framework panel of prequalified housing developers, which will be used to speed the construction and development of homes on land owned by HCA and other public sector bodies. We expect £4bn of housing development to be procured through the panel.

The main aim of DPP2 is to make the procurement of homes as quick and efficient as possible for both private sector panel members and public sector panel users.

The Panel can be used to procure a developer to take responsibility for all stages of the development process from obtaining planning permission, through design and construction, to marketing and sales. Quality standards can be set to meet the needs of each individual project.

The Panel also enables early engagement with the private sector in the process of developing a site. Panel members can provide soft market testing and early stage viability advice to ensure that development opportunities offered to the panel are fully thought through, viable and well resolved.

A toolbox of information, guidance and support is available from the HCA’s DPP2 management team to help public sector users of the panel.


DPP2 commenced on 1 April 2013 and will run until 31 March 2017. Projects procured through the panel can run on for up to 10 years beyond the end of the panel.

Procurement process

DPP2 has been procured through a fully compliant two stage OJEU process and as such, it can be used to procure development via mini competition, as opposed to a full OJEU tender, making that procurement much quicker.

In order to obtain a place on DPP2, companies needed to demonstrate that they had a sound and tangible track record of delivering housing on public sector land and that they were actively doing so in the areas for which they applied.

 The OJEU tender notice 2012/S 564-103639 which launched procurement of DPP and the Memorandum of Information (MOI) and Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) are available for reference.

Prequalified companies were invited to tender. The Invitation to Tender and Tender Response proforma are also available.


DPP2 is divided into four geographical Lots:

  • Northern Lot
  • Midlands Lot
  • South East Lot (excluding London)
  • South West Lot

A map is available to show the coverage of each lot along with a list of members per area.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has procured a similar, but separate panel that will cover London. Details of this panel can be obtained from


The panel can be used to procure all activity related to housing led development including all activities necessary to construct housing and associated infrastructure, marketing and sales and transfer of freehold to eventual owners.

Panel users

The panel is available to a wide range of public sector bodies who may own land that they wish to dispose of for housing. In particular, DPP2 provides a really simple, speedy and compliant procurement route to those who procure infrequently.

Potential users will need to sign up to a letter of agreement with HCA, they will then be provided with full access to panel information. HCA's DPP2 management team are available to answer queries and provide support to users of the panel.

Framework Contract

All panel members sign up to a Framework Contract with HCA, this framework contract also covers use of the panel by other public sector bodies.

Access to e-tendering system

The following links will take you through to the DPP2 e-tendering system.

Please note other public sector bodies who wish to procure through the panel should contact to sign up to use the panel and to be provided with access to the e –tendering system.

Further Information

The following documents are available to provide guidance on using DPP2:

Delivery Partner Panel 2 – A brief guide to working with panel members - (PDF 775KB)
Delivery Partner Panel 2 – A Guide for Public Sector Users
 - (PDF 1.87MB)
Brochure - A Guide for Public Sector Users - (PDF 600KB)

If you have any queries, require further information or wish to sign up to use DPP2,  please contact


DPP2 follows on from the HCA’s original Delivery Partner Panel (DPP1). DPP1 will run until the end of 2013 to allow for transition between the two panels however any new procurement should now be started on DPP2.


On the 7th May 2014 DPP2 Panel Members and HCA staff gathered in London for the 2nd Annual DPP2 meeting which was well attended and excellent feedback was received of the days presentations:

  • The importance of DPP2 and the benefit or working with DPP2 members (Andy Rose, HCA Chief Executive)
  • Affordable Homes Programme 2015-18 (Fionna MacGregor, Executive Director Programmes )
  • The HCA’s future land role (John Preston, HCA Area Manager)
  • A case study DPP sites featuring the Manchester Housing Investment Fund (David Chilton, Head of Area Greater Manchester) and Dave Poulter from Wates)
  • And featured DPP2 ‘The Movie’

Case studies

The following case studies provide information on a range of projects procured through DPP1. We will add further DPP2 case studies as these become available.

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