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Design for Manufacture Lessons Learnt 2

This document shows how affordable, sustainable and high quality housing can best be achieved throughout England.  

Topics: Design and sustainability, Housing

Keywords: Affordable housing, Architecture and design, Life cycle costing, Viability

Date Published: 10 March 2010

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Document type: Adobe PDF file

Size: 4.37 MB

Resource Type: Toolkit/Guide

Author/Publisher: HCA


The aim of the Design for Manufacture (DfM) competition was to build upon the recommendations of the Egan and Latham reports and stimulate fresh thinking within the housebuilding and construction industries. The competition sought to create more high quality, sustainable, efficient and cost effective housing developments through the use of a range of construction systems and technologies. The challenge was to build homes with a construction cost of £60,000, at 2005 prices, and a minimum space requirement of 76.5 m2 gross internal floor area alongside a demanding set of design and quality standards.

This document builds on findings as the chosen schemes are taking shape on the ground. It highlights the key achievements, the hurdles being overcome, and the challenges that remain. Lessons Learnt 2 is the next leg of the journey, showing how affordable, sustainable and high quality housing can best be achieved throughout England.

For more information about the DfM competition, please see this snapshot of the DfM website on The National Archives website.


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