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Community-led development

Communities can collectively own, develop and/or manage their own land and developments through models such as co-operatives, mutuals, co-housing, self-build, Community Land Trusts, (CLTs) and the emerging Community-Right-to-Build, as well as self-build and custom-build approaches. More details on these are available from the support networks and organisations at the bottom of this page. Some funding may be available through our Community Led Project Support funding to help groups get started.

"I want communities of all shapes and sizes, living in the smallest of villages and the largest of cities, to have the chance to drive forward their own plans for the future of their neighbourhoods without being hindered by bureaucracy and red tape. The HCA stands ready to provide assistance to any such group and their website provides a named contact for each area who can help guide community groups through the process. This clarification and support from the HCA will be important to enabling these and other community groups, such as Community Land Trusts, to develop the homes that communities want."
Rt Hon Grant Shapps

The HCA is committed to supporting communities to deliver their own local housing and regeneration solutions. The HCA can support these bodies and schemes through our enabling role, and in some circumstances through our funding and land programmes. The HCA has already funded a number of schemes through our affordable housing programmes and innovative property and regeneration approaches, including:

We are also working on schemes on HCA land such as the high profile Cashes Green scheme in Stroud, Gloucestershire and have a number of custom-build sites we are supporting.

For case studies and research that considers what's worked for other groups, see our web pages on community-led housing. You may also wish to look at our work on rural housing.

Available funding under the Affordable Homes Programme

Community-led groups have been able to access funding under the 2011-15 Affordable Homes Programme (AHP) and the continuous engagement element of the Affordable Homes Guarantee Programme. Groups can also now apply for the new 2015-18 Affordable Homes Programme.

To help community-led groups and schemes to access this funding we have provided the following:

A number of community-led schemes have already received funding through this route, either directly or through a partnership with a Regsitered Provider:

Scheme Name


Funding Programme


Queen Camel SSW AHP11-15 20
Upton Pyne CLT SSW AHP11-15 7
Norton Sub Handon SSW AHP11-15 10
Broadhempston PC SSW AHP11-15 6
Dalwood CLT SSW AHP11-15 6
Roborough CPLA SSW AHP11-15 4
Upper Culm CLT SSW AHP11-15 12
Toller Pocorum CLT SSW AHP11-15 6
Marshwood CLT SSW AHP11-15 7
Upper Frome CLT SSW AHP11-15 14
Bradworthy CLT SSW AHP11-15 10
Beer CLT SSW AHP11-15 5
Bristol CLT SSW AHGP 12
Oxfordshire CLT - Botley SSW AHGP 6
Young Dementia UK SSW AHGP 12
The Glendale Gateway Trust NEYTH AHP11-15 2
Bomarsund Housing Cooperative Limited NEYTH AHP11-15 12
Stocksfield Community Partnership NEYTH AHP11-15 7
Adler (Jewish CCG) NEYTH AHP11-15 12
Goodwin Development Trust NEYTH AHP11-15 5
Prudhoe CLT NEYTH AHP11-15 4
Allendale CLT NEYTH AHP11-15 4
Home for Wells ESE AHP11-15 10
Keswick CHT NW AHP11-15 10
Chipping NW AHP11-15 7
Grange Over Sands (Berners Grove) NW AHP11-15 32
Overton PC NW AHP11-15 6
Carlton Parish Council MIDS AHP11-15 11
Marches [Church Stretton Parish Council] MIDS AHP11-15 38
Marches [Neeton Ben Com] MIDS AHP11-15 2
Marches [Lyonshall Parish Council] MIDS AHP11-15 8
Marches [Onibury Parish Council] MIDS AHP11-15 6
Marches [Orleton Parish Council] MIDS AHP11-15 14
Osmaston Community Association [OSCAR] MIDS AHP11-15 40
Youlgrave Village Plan Group MIDS AHP11-15 8
North Kilworth PC MIDS AHP11-15 6
Robert Cokes Almshouse MIDS AHP11-15 3
Pinchbeck CLT MIDS AHP11-15 14
Wilsford CLT MIDS AHP11-15 8
Wilsford CLT (additional units) MIDS AHP11-15 2
Witton Lodge CH (BCC) MIDS AHP11-15 20
Dormington & Mordiford MIDS AHP11-15 12


Other funding

Other funding may be available through DCLG's Community Empty Homes programme being administered by a third party.

Next steps

Any community-led groups seeking HCA support should contact their local HCA team in the first instance to discuss the scheme and how the HCA might be able to help. The key HCA contacts are: 
East and South East
South and South West
North East Yorkshire and the Humber
North West

Other sources of information

Additional support is available from a range of existing networks and sector groups including (note: the HCA does not officialy promote or endorse any individual group or service):

You may also wish to consider how your plans fit into a wider vision for your community and neighbourhood. Support for Neighbourhood and community planning is available from:

Finally, there are a number of speciliast lenders and sources of finance that have worked with previous schemes and groups, including: (note: the HCA does not officialy promote or endorse any individual group or service):

Many of these sites also contain additional community-led development case studies.

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