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Working with communities

To improve the quality of people’s lives, it is important that residents are fully involved in the development and the running of the places where they live and work. This creates a sense of ownership and belonging whether it is a new development or a regenerated area.

Community engagement

In response to the government’s agenda on localism in neighbourhoods we have revised our previous strategy on community engagement and now have an enabling framework for community engagement along with a community engagement toolkit to provide our staff, partners and other interested parties a practical guide to work with.

The enabling framework sets out actions we will take in identifying opportunities for engagement and in supporting community led solutions to housing and economic growth through our integrated investment, land and enabling role.

Whilst the toolkit is designed to help our staff and partners recognise what good community engagement looks like, be open to innovation and explore new ideas to meet the ever changing needs of local people.

Our purpose is to contribute to economic and housing growth by helping communities to realise their aspirations for prosperity and to deliver quality housing that people can afford. We do this by working with local authorities to support them to achieve their objectives for housing and regeneration by:

  • Investing in new housing and economic growth and regeneration of communities which include the improvement of the quality of existing homes
  • Contributing to and boosting economic growth by linking the supply of housing and regeneration
  • Providing expertise and technical support
  • Utilising our own and other public sector land and sharing best practice

Download a copy of our enabling framework for community engagement - PDF (88KB) and read our community engagement toolkit.

The Design for Social Sustainability report from the Young Foundation, commissioned jointly by the HCA as part of the  Future Communities programme, sets out a framework and online resource for built environment professionals and policymakers involved in planning, design, and creating communities and cities.  It is based on an international review of new towns and communities and describes why some flourish and others fail. It finds that communities that do not work socially, at best fail to flourish, or at worst, spiral into decline. Critically, it finds that support services and interventions need to be designed at the right time for communities to function well in the long term, and provides practical advice about understanding how communities function socially.

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